Quanxi Yixing Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986, the company formerly known as Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Quanxi. In December 2004 the company successfully listed in Singapore, is the first national environmental protection enterprises listed in Singapore. Mission: honesty and trustworthiness, product quality requirements to meet user expectations. Our company is the leading enterprises in the water treatment industry, water supply and drainage equipment manufacturer professional. Produced 2005-2006 grate discharge machine won the "Jiangsu Famous Brand", in September 2007 by the "China Top Brand" award. Our company is the "National Key High-tech Enterprise", "high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province", "China's environmental protection industry..Read more
  • Mr. Yu Xu Fei (Mr.)
    Tel: 0510-87578599
    Fax: 0510-87572929
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